I Ain’t afraid of no trolls

Gary has a stressful day full of first world problems, Booray is filled with self doubt and a Troll rears it’s ugly head. A new live show is announced! Listen for a discount code worth 10% off equipment rentals at www.thelenspal.com Photography podcasts, photography, booray perry, gary hughes, huffington post, headshots podcasts for... read more

Respect The Ding-Dong

This week we discuss, “What Makes You A Professional?” and Booray talks about the choices we face when trying to have a home studio. Want to get your own Boogie Board like Booray talks about on the show? Here it is: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013XFGFZC/ref=psdc_16034531_t2_B010HWCEAO... read more

LIVE from SC Photo Con!

This weeks podcast was our first time doing the show in front of a live audience. This special extended podcast comes to you from Charleston. SC at SC Photo Con. We discuss the state of the industry and play the first ever game of “Cards Against... read more

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Who Are “Booray and Gary?”


Booray Heasdshot

Booray Perry


Let’s start by answering the obvious question:

What’s a “Booray?”

It’s a Cajun name.  You’ve probably never met anyone named “Booray” before but it’s a real name.  If you were in Louisiana and told someone you were named, “Booray,” they wouldn’t blink.  It’s not like there’s a “Booray” on every corner but there’s enough of them.  

Booray started taking pictures in the 8th grade and built his first darkroom while still in middle school. In high school he was the camera nerd, taking pictures for the yearbook, convinced that his cool camera would make him popular with the ladies.

It did not.

After a 20-year career in radio, he started Booray Perry Photography in an attempt to spend more time with his family and have more flexibility in his work hours. That didn’t work out as planned either.

Booray currently serves on the board of the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association and won “Wedding Photographer of the Year” in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  He travels and teaches wedding photography at other guilds and competes in print competitions at the state and national level.  In 2013 he was a Bronze Medalist in The International Print Competition. In 2015 he is a speaker at Imaging USA in Nashville. He is a Certified Professional Photographer and a Master Craftsman.

He’s married and has two children.



hughes-mugGary Hughes


With photographer parents, it’s ironic that Gary Hughes’ career, post-college, seemed to include every job except photographer. Working as a janitor, a construction work, even a musician, Gary eventually came back to the path for which he was ultimately destined—photographer.

After completing internships with various studios, Gary founded Hughes Fioretti Photography in 2008 with his wife and partner, Julie Fioretti, a marriage choice not lost on those who followed his earlier careers. In 2010, he began teaching and traveling around the country, covering topics from creative capture and sales techniques to growing profits via social media.

Those who knew Gary in his janitorial, construction worker and musical days might be a bit surprised by his accolades, but those who know his work are not. His wedding albums have garnered local and national awards, including first place for portrait and multiple entries in the PPA Loan Collection. From 2010-2014, Gary was recognized annually as one of the top 10 photographers in Central Florida as well as being a Gold Medalist in PPA’s International Photographic Competition two years in a row. His PPA credentials include Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and he currently serves as Past President of the Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida and as a PPA councilor. Icing the cake, Gary was featured in the April 2013 issue of Professional Photographer magazine, was a platform speaker at Imaging USA 2014 and an instructor on CreativeLive.