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Respect The Ding-Dong

This week we discuss, “What Makes You A Professional?” and Booray talks about the choices we face when trying to have a home studio. Want to get your own Boogie Board like Booray talks about on the show? Here it is:...

LIVE from SC Photo Con!

This weeks podcast was our first time doing the show in front of a live audience. This special extended podcast comes to you from Charleston. SC at SC Photo Con. We discuss the state of the industry and play the first ever game of “Cards Against...

Hannah Marie and In Person Sales

This week we chat with Hannah Marie. She’s a canadian portrait and wedding photographer who specializes in “in person sales.” Find out how she makes big sales..

8.8.16 – Going Full Mac

In this episode we go…FULL MAC. Gary makes the switch from PC to Apple and tells about the experience. Booray asks the question: How many images should you show your client? Listen for a 10% discount on rentals with The LensPal